Diesel powered portable screw compressor. Each of the compressor is capable of delivering
1000 SCFM at 350 psi sea level. Volume delivery will be reduced slightly by increment of the
elevation. Options will vary depending on unit availability.

Alfa Pilar Indonesia's Aerated Drilling Equipment Setup at Sokoria MTB C Pad, featuring Air Booster, Air Compressor, and Flowmeter

Air Booster

Diesel powered air booster. Each of the booster is capable to deliver maximum of 2700
SCFM at 2500 psi. Options will vary depending on unit availability.

Geothermal Separator

Atmospheric high temperature geothermal separator to separate air/steam with drilling
fluid and cuttings. Provided with a 10” outlet to maximum discharge capacity.

Rotating Control Head

There are various sizes for Rotating Control Head (RCH) and banjo boxes, for instance is
21-1/4”, with outlet. Outlet from the RCH will be connected with gate valve and
companion flange, so rig flow line could deliver the return to the conditioning system.
We also provide 30” RCH by request